Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Switzerland 2016
150 Years Swiss Red Cross (SRC)

ISSUE DATE: 3 March 2016
STAMP SIZE: 33 x 28 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: unikum graphic design

The Swiss Red Cross was established on 17 July 1866 at the instigation of Federal Councillor Jakob Dubs and the Red Cross members Gustave Moynier and Guillaume-Henri Dufour.

Building the national organisation was, however, full of difficulties. For one thing, there was very little consistency in the organisation of Switzerland at the federal level at this time, and for another the organisation was hindered by political and confessional arguments. Also, Switzerland's neutrality and the existence of the International Committee of the Red Cross as an institution in Swiss civil-society posed further difficulties.

Today, with 500,000 members and 73,000 volunteers the SRC is Switzerland’s chief humanitarian organization. The SRC responded to Henry Dunant’s call to ready itself to care for battle-wounded soldiers even in peace time. Although this remains part of its mission, it has taken on a plethora of additional activities in the intervening years. 150 years of the SRC for more humanity
Special stamp 150 years Swiss Red Cross branch office, it is established and active nationwide. 

Without volunteers, there would be no Red Cross. 73,000 people – almost one percent of the population – volunteer their time to help others in Switzerland. One tenth of them are members of the Red Cross Youth. They are dedicated to helping elderly people with restricted mobility, families and children and people from other countries and cultures in the Red Cross cantonal associations. They also work as part of the rescue organizations and administer first aid and undertake patrol services at events.

Stamp images and part of description thanks to Swiss Post