Thursday, March 31, 2016

Switzerland 2016
Molly Monster

ISSUE DATE: 3 March 2016
STAMP SIZE: 33 x 38 mm

Molly Monster is the beloved and only child of Popo and Etna Monster. Her best friend is Edison, a wind-up toy with a life of its own. Molly is clever and sometimes a bit bossy, but otherwise she’s a very good girl. Edison, however, can sometimes be quite naughty. 

When Mum lays an egg that Dad has to brood, they leave Molly in the care of her two uncles and travel to Egg Island, where all the monsters are born. Molly, her parents feel, is too young for the long journey.

In the end, Molly does have to follow them, all alone and with only the reluctant Edison in tow, who would rather Special stamps Molly Monster have stayed at home. The journey takes her far away. They climb the open hills, cross a deep ravine and conquer seemingly invincible mountains. When Molly feels lost, other monsters are there to help her.

Molly never loses sight of her goal and bravely ploughs onwards. At the end of an adventure-packed journey, everyone is reunited – and thanks to Molly, the egg arrives on Egg Island just in time. Molly has found her new place in the family.

author: Ted Sieger

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