Friday, April 8, 2016

Austria 2016
Austrians in Hollywood - Michael Haneke

ISSUE DATE: 4 April 2016
STAMP DESIGN:Kirsten Lubach

Michael Haneke quote:
"Film is 24 lies per second at the service of truth,
or at the service of the attempt to find the truth."

Michael Haneke (born 23 March 1942) is an Austrian film director and screenwriter best known for films such as Funny Games (1997), Caché (2005), The White Ribbon (2009) and Amour (2012). His work often examines social issues, and depicts the feelings of estrangement experienced by individuals in modern society. Haneke has worked in television‚ theatre and cinema. Besides working as a filmmaker, Haneke also teaches film direction at the Film Academy Vienna.
Haneke has directed a number of stage productions in German, which include works by Strindberg, Goethe, and Heinrich von Kleist in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. In 2006 he gave his debut as an opera director, staging Mozart's Don Giovanni for the Opéra National de Paris at Palais Garnier.

Michael Haneke quote:
"Pornography, it seems to me, is no different from war films or propaganda films in that it tries to make the visceral, horrific, or transgressive elements of life consumable. Propaganda is far more pornographic than a home video of two people f***ing."

Stamp images thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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