Tuesday, April 12, 2016

France 2016
36th Salon Philatélique de Printemps - BELFORT 2016

ISSUE DATE: 4 April 2016
STAMP SIZE:60 x 25 mm
PHOTO:Fernand Lienhard 
Line Filhon

La Poste stamp issue dedicated to the 36th Salon Philatélique de Printemps - "BELFORT 2016".

Belfort  is a city situated between Lyon and Strasbourg. It is the biggest town and the administrative town of the Territoire de Belfort département in the Franche-Comté region. The residents of the city are called "Belfortains". It is located on the Savoureuse, on the strategically important natural route between the Rhine and the Rhône – the Belfort Gap (Trouée de Belfort) or Burgundian Gate (Porte de Bourgogne).

The parade ground is a major component of any town designed by Vauban. It occupies a central position because it is primarily a space where military journals and gatherings are held. That of Belfort, created around 1690, quickly proved too small for this purpose but it has kept the name. 

She really took shape in the 1720s when François Noblat, subdelegate of the intendant of Alsace, has had built his mansion - actuel town- hall and states started the construction of the new church St. Denis, Saint-Christophe today, opened for worship in 1750. remodeled in 1876, lined with chestnut trees on its perimeter, it was enriched in 1884 of the monumental group "Even When" the sculptor Antonin Mercie. First built in the south of the square, opposite the town hall, it was moved to the other end in 1905 when the implementation of the bandstand. Eminently friendly place in the heart of old Belfort, the square was remodeled in 2013-2014. 

La place d'Armes de Belfort photo: Fernand Lienhard
Description thanks to www.histoire-de-belfort.fr
Stamp images thanks to La Poste

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