Friday, April 1, 2016

Gibraltar 2016
Think Green

ISSUE DATE: 30 March 2016
STAMP SIZE: 42.58 x 28.45 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Stephen Perera
ARTWORK: Doxia Sergidou and Giordano Aita

This year’s theme "Think Green" stamp issue from Gibraltar features two stamps. The first stamp features the winner of the Post Europ “Think Green” joint design competition, a design from Cyprus Post artist, Ms. Doxia Sergidou which was chosen amongst 24 outstanding entries.

“The main purpose was to show that it is in our hands to create a greener planet. Thus, I have placed a hand on the top side of the stamp which basically represents anyone of us, actively replacing the grey colour(the environmental pollution) with the green colour which symbolizes environmental living and hope, and in turn inspire us for a better world. The left side of the stamp represents the polluted side and is painted grey showing us the tremendous disaster caused by the industries, automotive vehicles, power generation and inefficient waste. It also shows how the human activities are negatively influencing the environment.

In contrast on the right side of the stamp, is the green side which show us how using renewable energy resources, acting in a more environmental way and becoming more environmentally aware could positively affect the environment. This will not only have a positive effect in our generation, but it will also help the future ones to co-exist in harmony” adds Ms. Sergidou.

The second design features an illustration of a human brain represented as tree leaves with sketchy thoughts of how to think and act "green" created by Giordano Aita.

Stamp image and description thanks to Royal Gibraltar Post Office

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