Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hong Kong 2016
St. John Ambulance Brigade

ISSUE DATE: 14 April 2016
STAMP SIZE:27 x 50 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Tsoi Ka-ching

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade (the Brigade) was established in 1916. Over the years, it has been remained committed to serving all citizens of the community irrespective of race, class or creed. 

The Brigade offers a wide spectrum of free services to the public, including ambulance service, first aid service, dental care for the handicapped or people with special needs, and youth service. To honour the Brigade’s centenary, Hongkong Post issues a set of four commemorative stamps to introduce the Brigade’s work and services.

$1.70 – Ambulance Service

The Brigade provides free 24-hour ambulance service for the public. Stationed in three ambulance depots located on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon and the New Territories, the 14 Brigade ambulances respond to emergency calls round the clock. On-site ambulance service is also available for horse races, athletic meets and other crowd events.

$2.90 – First Aid Service
Brigade members provide voluntary first aid and related services during large-scale activities or crowd events. Every year, various courses are offered to ensure members are able to help themselves and others whilst on duty and in their daily lives.

$3.70 – Dental Care for the Handicapped or People with Special Needs
With its dental clinic opening as early as 1960, the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade became the only organisation with a dental clinic among all the St. John organisations worldwide. The clinic is staffed by volunteer dentists and dental surgery assistants, who offer free dental service to the handicapped and those with special needs on a roster basis. 

$5 – Youth Service
The Brigade’s Youth Command provides basic training on first aid skills and home nursing for teenagers aged 12 to 18. The Youth Command also lays the foundation for membership of the Adult Divisions of the Brigade. Cadets of the Youth Command participate regularly in different activities, such as assisting in the training of St. John Pandas, providing medical check-ups for the elderly and paying visits to hospitals, thereby developing a caring heart for the community.

The stamps feature graphic illustrations of the four major services of the Brigade. On the background is the number “100” printed in iridescent ink to highlight the centenary of the organisation.

Stamp images and description thanks to Hongkong Post

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