Monday, April 18, 2016

Slovakia 2016
Technical Monuments: Steam Locomotive Umrath

ISSUE DATE: 15 April 2016
CIRCULATION: 1 050 000
STAMP SIZE: 37.5 x 37.5 mm 
STAMP DESIGN: Marián Komáček

The Traction engine Umrath is part of the collection in the Slovak Agricultural Museum and was constructed in Prague in 1894. The weight of the traction engine is 3.5tonnes. The steam pressure is 7atmospheres which provides power to the drive wheels of 6 to 9hp, with a rotation speed of160rpm. For 8 hours of operation the coal consumption is approximately 200 kg and the water consumption 400 litres.

We received information that the traction engine was still in existence, located above the village of Breznička from Ing. Čavoj in July 1985. On November 27, 1985 it was transported to the museum. After some research it was established that the Traction engine originally belonged to the “Lučenecký vlnársky závod v Opatovej pri Lučenci” – a wool processing company which was founded in 1868. Initially the Traction engine was used to drive pumps, but after World War I it was moved to the village of Breznička, where it was used to drive threshing machines and shredders. 

Given that it was a very rare traction engine, it awakened a tremendous desire in the museum staff to restore it. This was very strongly supported by: Dr. Križan, Mr. Boroth and his sons, Mr. Pilný, Mr. Malíček, Ing. Vontorčík, the Managing Director of SPM, including Ing. Gidaszewski, head of the specialist mechanical section of SPM. The mechanical condition of the traction engine was very poor and required structural repairs. It is of importance to note that this engine was constructed using riveted connections with no seams.

After a long search for a suitable partner to carry out the repairs, finally SES Tlmače was persuaded to take on the project. The following team was assigned to carry out the repairs: Ing. Seidl, Ing. Bielik, Ing. Majdik, Mr. Zajko and others. The repairs were completed on May 22, 1995 and that year the Traction engine was a star of the International Engineering Fair in Nitra.

The final and most significant fact is that the repair cost was estimated at almost SKK 300,000, and this was paid by SES Tlmače as the sponsors of the project. We would like to thank them on behalf of all fans of vintage machines. 

Vladimír Majerčík

Stamp images and description thanks to Slovenská pošta and POFIS

Slovenská pošta