Friday, April 1, 2016

South Korea 2016
Postage Stamp Design Contest - Safety and Peace

ISSUE DATE: 24 March 2016
STAMP SIZE:40 x 30 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Shin Jaeyong

Korea Post is issuing special stamps featuring some of the winning designs from the “2015 International Postage Stamp Design Contest”, which was held under the theme of “Peace” and “Safety”.

Civil wars and racial conflicts around the world are a challenge that the international society must overcome together. Each of the designs submitted about the theme of “Peace” embodies the designer’s wish for world peace. The Grand Prize winning design by Han Juyeop in the General Category expresses world peace transcending national and ideology boundaries by depicting people of different races standing together to draw a dove on a wall. Kim Eunjeong, the Gold Prize winner in the same category, employed bright colors to show the people of the global community coming together with their aspiration for peace and how their movement creates beautiful unity. The Grand Prize winning design by Kim Enok in the Youth Category portrays a world filled with peace by a dove flying above a rainbow. The Gold Prize winner, Lee Juhyeok, depicted friends around the world flying with a dove to travel to a world without war.
The submitted designs about “Safety” address the issue of safety ignorance in Korean society, or a small action people can take to make society safer. The Grand Prize winning design by Seo Eungyeong in the General Category illustrates a seatbelt as the mouth of a smiley face to express a safe and happy driving culture based on consideration for others. To convey the hopeful message that everyone can be safe, the Gold Prize winning design by Tsang Wing Tung features the earth raising its hands to shield the world. And, Lee Minji, the Grand Prize winner in the Youth Category, reminds us that we are the ones who need to protect children with a design showing a mother spreading her arm to keep her child dry in the rain. The Gold Prize winning design by Jo Eunyeong in the same category features smiling people sailing on a safety hat-shaped ship to convey her aspiration for a safety-oriented culture in Korea.

Stamp images thanks to Korea Post

South Korea Post