Saturday, April 2, 2016

Switzerland 2016
50 Years of Tox Info Suisse

ISSUE DATE: 25 February 2016
STAMP SIZE: 33 × 28 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Willi Spirig

For 50 years, Tox Info Suisse has been providing its services daily and around the clock, on the emergency number 145. The majority of the 37,500 or so enquiries received each year from both private individuals and doctors involve drug poisoning. Often, the victims are young children who swallow tablets that are not kept out of reach of curious fingers. However, Tox Info Suisse also deals daily with adult drug overdoses – often the result of an act of desperation.

Half of all calls are about a child aged under five, and prophylactic measures can help reduce such accidents. Information about this, with lots more tips on dealing with poisons, can be found on the Tox Info Suisse website. For anyone wishing to stay abreast of toxin-related news, the Tox Info Suisse app allows you to set up push notifications. Tox Info Suisse is a charitable private foundation and is funded by pharma-Suisse, scienceindustries, santésuisse, Swissmedic and H+ (Swiss hospitals), SUVA, FMH and the cantons, the FOPH and numerous donations from companies and individuals.

author: Dr. med. Christine Rauber-Lüthy
Chief Physician, Tox Info Suisse

Stamp images and description thanks to Swiss Post