Saturday, April 2, 2016

TAAF 2016
Serge Frolow

ISSUE DATE: 1 January 2016
STAMP THEME: Serge Frolow
STAMP SIZE: 31 x 52 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Cyril de la Petelliere

Tromelin is a French island of the Indian Ocean located at 450 km east of Madagascar. Its summit does not exceed 7m above sea level. It is the result of the accumulation of sediments on a shallow water of volcanic origin. Since 1954, the island accommodates a weather station called "Serge Frolow" - commemorating creator of this station. 
The island remained uninhabited until 1954. 1 year earlier, it was decided to install a weather station there. Engineer Serge Frolow carried out in 1953 a reconnaissance mission and envisages to install a camp and to arrange a runway of 1000m in the middle of the island by compacting corals. The island does not allow an access by boat because there is no harbour. The unloading was carried out using rowboat and was very complicated and dangerous. 

It is particularly useful in this part of the Indian Ocean to observe the formation of the cyclones. These small island has been hit by cyclones 15 times during the last 40 years.

Stamp images thanks to La Poste

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