Wednesday, April 13, 2016

UK 2016
Definitive Stamp

ISSUE DATE: 22 March 2016
THEME: Definitive
STAMP SIZE: 20 x 24 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Jeffery Matthews

Printed in gravure, the new value Definitive features Gooseberry Green from the Jubilee Colour Palette. It was designed by Jeffery Matthews MBE, FCSD, FRSA, from the classic bas-relief portrait by Arnold Machin OBE, RA, which made its first appearance on a Definitive stamp in 1967.

The elegantly designed Presentation Pack displays the single new value Definitive for 2016 within its cover. It also offers a variety of authoritative facts inside, courtesy of Douglas Muir, renowned Definitives expert and Curator of The Postal Museum.

Stamp images thanks to Royal Mail