Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Argentina 2016
Transmission of the 2015-2019 Presidential Authority

ISSUE DATE: 9 May 2016
THEME:Transmisión del mandato Presidencial 2015-2019
STAMP DESIGN: Correo Argentino

A presidential sash is a cloth sash worn by presidents of many nations in the world.The presidential cane is a symbol of the presidential authority in Argentina. Transmission of the symbols has no legal effect and is made ​​solely to the protocol purposes and following a tradition that dates back to 1868.

A general election (i.e. both presidential and legislative) was held in Argentina on 25 October 2015, following primary elections which were held on 9 August 2015. A second round of voting between the two leading candidates took place on 22 November, after surprisingly close results forced a runoff.

The primary elections and some local elections had scandals of Electoral fraud. There was a frequent theft of ballot papers from the polling places. State-owned Correo Argentino collects the results of each school and sends them to a centralized location for their global count, there have been reports of inconsistencies between the results signed in the schools and those informed by Correo Argentino. Tucumán even had a case of people burning ballot boxes, which led to several demonstrations at Plaza Independencia. There was policial repression on those demonstrations, leading to further scandals.

Stamp images thanks to Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino