Thursday, May 5, 2016

Guernsey Post 2016
Bailiwick Life - Self-adhesive

ISSUE DATE: 17 February 2016
STAMP SIZE:25 x 56 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Andrew Robinson

The first of the stamps features a donkey, partly in recognition of the fact that people of Guernsey are sometimes referred to as donkeys! The inclusion of the donkey in this set is also to pay homage to the original Guernsey golden donkey, which is now extinct.

Other animals with island connections pictured on the stamps include the Guernsey golden goat, the iconic Guernsey cow, the Atlantic grey seal, the puffin and the unusual blonde hedgehog.

Gsy letter up to 100g – 43p
UK letter up to 100g – 57p
Gsy large letter up to 100g – 58p
EUR letter up to 20g – 64p
ROW letter up to 20g – 70p
UK large letter up to 100g – 78p



Stamp images and description thanks to Guernsey Post 

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