Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Russia 2016
150th Foundation Anniversary of Notaries Institute of Russia

ISSUE DATE: 27 April 2016
STAMP SIZE: 42 x 30 mm
STAMPS DESIGN: S. Ulyanovskiy

150 years ago, Emperor Alexander II signed a “Statute on Notary Office”, according to which notaries became an independent legal institution.

The Notary Office in Russia is a public institution that certifies arrangements and validates various documents (wills, powers of attorney, document copies, etc). The notary plays an important and significant role in civil-law transactions, performing on behalf of the state such functions as protecting rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities, safeguarding interests of the state and ensuring security of economic activity.

The postage stamp features a title page of the Statute on Notary Office and a facsimile of Emperor Alexander II against the background of the Palace Square in St Petersburg.


Stamp images and description thanks to Russian Post

Russian Post