Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Slovakia 2016 - EUROPA 2016: Ecology in Europe – Think Green!

ISSUE DATE: 5 May 2016
STAMP SIZE: 44.1 x 26.5 mm 
STAMP DESIGN: Doxia Sergidou

A good life that respects our planet's limits is the main goal of the European environmental action programme which states the main environmental direction of our society's development. A low-carbon society, with a green sustainable economy, social equality and resistant ecosystems are the main base of our sustainability. Europe is the global leader in the area of environmental policies. The ambitious goals of the policies can be accomplished mainly by a change in thinking and the realization that green thinking is the starting point to open the door to the future for us; to the possibilities of green innovations, new investments, the efficiency of resource utilization, health and welfare. International postage stamp project of European Post offices from the EUROPA issue series clearly demonstrates the ambition of Europe to move towards a green economy and green growth. 

The successful introduction of green initiatives should be a basic factor in our competitiveness and sustainable life. Climatic change, which brings negative environmental, social and economic effects that require active solutions and cooperation in the area of emission reduction and climate change adaptation, is one of the key environmental problems. The protection of natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems are becoming an inseparable part of everyone's daily vocabulary. Our consumption and production must be limited, focused on the more effective use of natural resources and energy; as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to limit negative effects on the environment. 

It is necessary to meet our basic human needs in the area of goods and services but also to improve the quality of life and secure sufficient resources for future generations. Sustainable consumption applies to our lifestyles, shopping habits and the way we use products and services. Finally, also our towns and cities are affected, we must support the creation of a green infrastructure and the utilization of renewable energy sources to become green and intelligent.
author: Martin Lakanda

Stamp images and description thanks to Slovenská pošta and POFIS

Slovenská pošta