Sunday, June 5, 2016

Canada 2016
Dinos of Canada

ISSUE DATE: 26 May 2016
STAMP SIZE: 40 x 40 mm
STAMP ILLUSTRATOR: Sergey Krasovskiy
STAMP DESIGN: Subplot Design Inc.

Tremble in terror at the toothy beasts that called our country home many millions of years ago with this Souvenir Sheet of five stamps, part of the second issue in the popular Dinos of Canada series.

The Souvenir Sheet includes all 5 domestic stamps from this year’s issue. The stylish stamps depict each animal as a reflection in the eye of a predator or in the eye of one of their own species.

Not all of the 5 prehistoric animals featured on this year’s stamps are actually dinosaurs, but 2 fit the bill. The first is Acrotholus audeti, which roamed Alberta’s Badlands about 84 million years ago. The second, the small, feathered Troodon inequalis, inhabited the same area some 9 million years later.

The creatures on the 3 remaining stamps are the Comox Valley elasmosaur, Cypretherium coarctatum, and the Dimetrodon Borealis. The elasmosaur hunted in the waters off what is now Vancouver Island more than 80 million years ago. Cypretherium, nicknamed “Terminator Pig”, bared its menacing teeth to stalk prey on the floodplains of Saskatchewan some 35 million years ago. Finally, the ancient Dimetrodon lived on the arid landscape of Prince Edward Island about 270 million years ago.

PermanentTM Domestic Stamps - Booklet of 10

Souvenir Sheet Official First Day Cover

Uncut Press Sheet

Stamp images and description thanks to Canada Post