Wednesday, June 8, 2016

China 2016
Song Ci: Founder of the World's Forensic Medicine

ISSUE DATE: 13 April 2016
THEME: Song Ci: Founder of the World's Forensic Medicine
STAMP SIZE: 33 x 44 mm

Song Ci (1186–1249) was a forensic medical expert active during the Southern Song Dynasty who wrote a groundbreaking book titled Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified or The Washing Away of Wrongs. He is often considered to be the Founding Father of Forensic Science in China.

In The Washing Away of Wrongs, the first documented forensic entomology case is reported. In 1235 A.D., a stabbing occurred in a Chinese village. By testing different blades on an animal carcass, it was determined that the wound was caused by a sickle. After further questioning, the investigator had all villagers bring their sickles and lay them out before the crowd. Blow flies were attracted to a single sickle because invisible remnants of blood and tissue still adhered to it. The owner of the alleged sickle later broke down and confessed the crime. In other areas of the text, the author demonstrates knowledge of blow fly activity on bodies relative to those orifices infested, the time of infestation, and the effect of trauma on attractiveness of tissue to such insects.



Stamp images and description thanks to China Post

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