Saturday, June 25, 2016

Czech Republic 2016 - 450th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Jessenius (1566 – 1621). Joint issue with Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

COUNTRY: Czech Republic
ISSUE DATE: 22 June 2016
STAMP SIZE: 23 x 40 mm
ENGRAVER: František Horniak
 STAMP DESIGN: Vladislav Rostoka

Jan Jessenius from the artwork used for his portrait by Lucas Kilian in 1618.

Jan Jessenius (27 December 1566, Wrocław, Silesia - 21 June 1621, Prague) was a Slovak physician, politician and philosopher. He played a significant political and scientific role in Czech history.

His father Baltazar came from an old Hungarian noble family, House of Jeszenszky, originally from Turec (Turčianske Jaseno) in today’s Slovakia. Following his graduation from the Elisabeth grammar school in Wrocław, Jessenius studied philosophy and medicine at the universities of Wittenberg and Leipzig, and medicine at the famous University of Padua. In 1591, he earned a doctorate in medicine for his work “On biliary diseases during three-day chills” and a doctorate in philosophy for his work “On the right of people to resist tyrants”.


During his visit to Prague from 8-12 June 1600, he performed the first public autopsy in the Czech lands. His notes on the autopsy were later published.

After the lost battle of White Mountain and suppression of the uprising of the Czech estates, Jessenius as one of the leaders of the uprising was accused of insulting the imperial majesty. On the emperor’s order, he was arrested by Charles I of Liechtenstein on 1 December 1620. During the notorious execution of the 27 leaders of the Czech estates on the Old Town Square, the executioner Jan Mydlář first cut out Jessenius’ tongue and then beheaded him. 


Stamp images and description thanks to Česká pošta