Thursday, June 16, 2016

France 2016 - The Great Hours of the History of France - Renaissance

ISSUE DATE: 6 June 2016
STAMP SIZE:40.85 x 52 mm / 135 x 97 mm (block)
STAMP THEME:Les Grandes Heures De L’histoire De France
Louis Boursier 
Louis Boursier 

Catherine de' Medici - Queen of France and the Hôtel de Soissons which was a hôtel particulier (grand house) built in Paris, between 1574 and 1584 for The Queen by the architect Jean Bullant. It replaced a series of earlier buildings on the same site. After Catherine's death the hotel was enlarged and embellished.

The Field of the Cloth of Gold (Camp du Drap d'Or) was a site in Balinghem – between Ardres in France and Guînes in the then-English Pale of Calais – that hosted a meeting from 7 to 24 June 1520, between King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France.

Stamp images thanks to La Poste

La Poste