Thursday, June 2, 2016

Iceland 2016
EUROPA - Think Green

ISSUE DATE: 28 April 2016
STAMP SIZE: 24.5 x 36 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Doxia Sergidou & Hlynur Ólafsson

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Europa stamps in 2016, Post Europ decided that its member countries issue a joint stamp motif dedicated to the concept “Think Green“. A design competition for the stamp was held with Doxia Sergidou from Cyprus being the winner.

The member countries could also design their own stamp celebrating this theme. Hlynur Ólafsson designed the Icelandic stamp which is dedicated to the protection of the ocean.

A relatively untouched nature and unpolluted environment is a key to human health, welfare and quality of life, as well as for strengthening social and economic development worldwide. The objective of green thinking is the protection of ecosystems, including reducing unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. Unpolluted ocean and water constitute one of Iceland’s most important concerns. The government has long placed great emphasis on international action to prevent marine pollution and other harm to the marine environment. Green information technology is also coming to the fore. Among the factors that can guarantee sound environmental awareness are outdoor activities, cycling and the recycling of paper and plastic products. It is important that adults show good example to children and young people as regards green thinking and environmental protection.

Stamp images and description thanks to Iceland Post