Monday, June 6, 2016

Italy 2016
Vittorio Occorsio and Francesco Coco

ISSUE DATE: 9 May 2016
STAMP SIZE: 48 x 40 mm
 STAMP THEME: Vittorio Occorsio and Francesco Coco
 STAMP DESIGN: Cristina Bruscaglia

"The civic sense" series - 40th Anniversary of the death of Francesco Coco and Vittorio Occorsio - victims of terrorism.

The murder of Genoa magistrate Francesco Coco was done by the Red Brigades, a group formed in 1970 that began killing in June 1974, specializing in attacks on "fascists, bosses and the police who protect them."

The murder last July of Rome judge Vittorio Occorsio was the work of a rightist group called "New Order," originally an offshoot of the legal neofascis party. This group went underground after being dissolved by court order in November 1973.

Stamp images thanks to Poste Italiane