Tuesday, June 14, 2016

San Marino 2016
Italian Fertility Day

ISSUE DATE: 7 June 2016
STAMP SIZE:35 x 35 mm
CIRCULATION: 40 005 (sets)
STAMP DESIGN: Cristina Chiappini

The Italian fertility day is celebrated on the 7th of May. The aim of the set designed by Cristina Chiappini is to enhance motherhood and fatherhood, health and wellness of the unborn child. 

The three illustrations depict a mother, a father and a baby with a seed-shaped body with a germ on the top of the head. On the mouth of the crying baby there are real seeds of dwarf Petunia, that can be planted following the instruction leaflet that will be delivered with the stamps. The set shows the metaphor of life as an embryo that develop into a plant.

Stamp images and description thanks to San Marino Post

San Marino Post