Friday, June 17, 2016

Switzerland 2016 - Pro Patria – Fortresses and Castles of Switzerland

ISSUE DATE: 4 May 2016
STAMP SIZE: 33 x 28 mm  
 STAMP DESIGN: Angelo Boog

Charitable foundation Pro Patria is taking up the cudgels for a historical period of fortress and castle building in Switzerland. 

The era calls to mind courageous knights, dainty damsels and their heroic feats: …Heinrich, the knight known as “Schrutan” (the giant), saved a whole region from a fire-breathing dragon. Benedict knocked opponent after opponent from their horses – saddles included – at the grand joust of the nobility, to the applause of his knaves. Wolfram rescued a damsel in distress from the clutches of evil enemies and smiled mischievously behind his visor…

The Swiss Pro Patria foundation uses stamps with a tax surcharge to raise funds in support of cultural and social projects throughout Switzerland. This year’s Pro Patria stamps portray Zug Castle and Neu-Bechburg Oensingen Castle from the “Fortresses and castles of Switzerland” set (2016–2018).

Stamp images and description thanks to Swiss Post