Monday, June 6, 2016

United Nations 2016
International Day of UN Peacekeepers

ISSUE DATE: 29 May 2016
CIRCULATION: US$ 0.47 7,500 sheets (150,000 stamps)
US$ 1.15 7,500 sheets (150,000 stamps)
CHF 1.00 6,000 sheets (120,000 stamps)
CHF 1.50 6,000 sheets (120,000 stamps)
€ 0.68 6,500 sheets (130,000 stamps)
€ 0.80 6,500 sheets (130,000 stamps)
STAMP SIZE: 30 mm x 40 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Sergio Baradat

The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers was established by the General Assembly in 2002, in tribute to all men and women serving in peacekeeping operations for their high level of professionalism, dedication and courage, and to honour the memory of those who have lost their lives in the cause of peace. The Assembly designated 29 May as the Day because it was the date in 1948 when the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), the world body’s first peacekeeping mission, began operations in Palestine.

Since the first UN Peacekeeping mission was established in 1948, thousands of police and civilian personnel have lost their lives in the service of peace as a result of acts of violence, accidents and disease. On 29 May, UN offices, alongside Member States and non-governmental organizations, hold solemn events to honour fallen peacekeepers. At the UN Headquarters in New York, the Secretary-General presides over a wreath-laying ceremony in honour of all peacekeepers who lost their lives while serving under the UN flag. In addition, the Dag Hammarskjöld Medal is awarded posthumously to the peacekeepers who have fallen while serving in the cause of peace, during the preceding year. Since the establishment of UNTSO, the first peacekeeping mission in May 1948, we have lost over 3,000 Peacekeepers.

UN Peacekeeping operations use the Day to strengthen bonds with the local populations that they have been deployed to serve. For example they may hold sporting events, school and orphanage visits, art and essay competitions, photo exhibits, neighbourhood clean ups, tree plantings, concerts as well as conferences and workshops on peace issues.

On this day, we continue to honour the memory of those who gave their lives to the cause of peace, and pay tribute to all men and women who carry on their legacy by serving in the field. UNPA is proud to issue stamps that feature images of the important work of UN peacekeepers around the world. The stamps are part of a joint stamp issuance with Austrian Post at the World Stamp Show in New York with a pre-launch ceremony on 28 May.



Stamps images and description thanks to United Nations Stamps