Tuesday, June 14, 2016

USA 2016
World Stamp Show NY 2016

ISSUE DATE: 28 May 2016
THEME:World Stamp Show NY 2016
ART DIRECTOR: Antonio Alcala 
DESIGNER: Antonio Alcalá

In 2016, the U.S. Postal Service® continues a nearly century-long tradition of commemorating international philatelic exhibitions held every decade in the United States with specially designed issuances: stamps, souvenir sheets, and even covers. This year, the Postal Service™ celebrates World Stamp Show-NY 2016, an eight-day philatelic extravaganza that runs from May 28-June 4, 2016, in New York City, with the issuance of an elegant folio presenting two panes of stamps reminiscent of classic engraved 19th-century newspaper periodical stamps and banknotes.

Similar in design to the stamps issued in 2015 to announce World Stamp Show-NY 2016, these stamps are printed in intaglio, a process that reverses the colors on the stamps. Thus, the 2016 stamps have a white background with the intricate lines and ornamentation appearing in blue or red. One pane features red stamps surrounded by a blue selvage, while on the other pane the stamps are blue and the selvage is red.

These eye-catching stamps feature intricate patterns of lines and ornamentation inspired by the U.S. Newspaper and Periodical stamps of 1865. Rendered in red and blue, this touch of patriotic color helps emphasize that this international exhibition is being held in the United States. The circle in the center of the stamp design displays a five-pointed star. Text surrounding the circle reads “2016 World Stamp Show” and “New York City." Verso text provides details about the show.

Art director Antonio Alcalá worked with graphic artist Michael Dyer to create a classic stamp that is sure to please everyone who loves stamps and their history.

Stamp images and description thanks to USPS

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