Monday, July 11, 2016

French Polynesia 2016 - Heiva

ISSUE DATE: 17 July 2016
STAMP SIZE:30 x 40 mm

Madeleine MOUA(1899 - 1989) is in the spotlight! She was chosen for her career, her aura and its impact on a milestone of Polynesian life: heiva. To the point that her name has been associated with Hura tau ( "professional" category dance or "proficient"). Passionate, persevering, committed, she set the steps and sequences of the ori Tahiti in 1956, even as the dance remained an activity of dubious morality at that time.

With the creation of the Tahiti Faa'a airport (inaugurated in 1961), tourism has developed and dancers traveled. They used to perform abroad. Madeleine Moua, woman of great presence who always wore spectacular caps, took her troupe of artists called "Heiva" on different continents. The “ori Tahiti” has been considered at the local level as well as internationally due to her.

Gilles HOLLANDE, bright touch-on and informed communicative, is considered a prince, the prince of dance. One of the most prestigious awards of heiva, the hura ava tau ( "amateur" category dance or "beginner"), has also taken its name! His life, as short as meteoric, began in 1950 and lasted thirty-nine years later.

He was born in Tahiti in a wealthy background. Born in a mixed French/tahitian bourgeoisie family, he grew up in urban areas. His father was metropolitan and his mother half tahitian/european. With his tan skin and blond hair he did not go unnoticed. He managed the high-hand on his studies, earning his high school degree very young. His parents sent him to France to do medical studies. But he did not keep, and returned a few months later, at the age of 19, against the advice of his father and his mother.

During his fast career, Gilles Hollande labored at the same time for two passions, dance and tourism. He was a strong supporter of Polynesian culture and had at heart to share it and make it known. He joined the Tahiti Nui travel agency, Tahiti Tours and finally the Accor group. He was looking after animation, an activity he found in 1989 on RFO (local TV channel) with his TV show "On en parle”, We talk (in english).

At 23, Gilles Hollande founded his own dance company, Ia Ora Tahiti, which he organized representations in Milan, Berlin, Budapest ... Speaking French, English and Spanish, full of great ambitions, it was easy for him to find a producer to finance his tours. To convince a coveted producer who lived in France, he invited him to one of his shows in ... Tahiti. He devoted most of his life to the scene till september 1989, as he passed away just a few weeks after his last Heiva. 
Every July, the stamps of French Polynesia celebrate the Heiva festival event in itheir own way. After the instruments, dance, costumes ... the light is made on men and women.

Stamp images and description thanks to OPT French Polynesia

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