Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jersey Post 2016 - 1950s Popular Culture

ISSUE DATE: 5 July 2016
STAMP SIZE:36 x 36 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Hat-Trick Design

Situated in the bay of Mont St Michel, France, the island of Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, measuring just 45 square miles. Its colourful history and culture has been affected by the Roman invasion of Britain, the struggle between French and English crowns, and occupation by Nazi forces during World War II. 

Many of the Island's inhabitants are Jersey born, and many have come from countries near and far, to work, start families and enjoy the outdoor life for which Jersey is so well known. As with residents of mainland Britain, Islanders have embraced the ever-changing influences of fashion, music, art and technology, and the 1950s particularly allowed popular culture to blossom following the oppression of the German occupation and hardships endured during the immediate post-war years.


Stamp images and description thanks to Jersey Post

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