Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Marshall Islands 2016 - Honoring the Art of Howard Koslow

COUNTRY: Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)
ISSUE DATE: 20 July 2016
STAMP THEME:Honoring the art of Howard Koslow 1924-2016
ARTWORK: Howard Koslow

Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon
Roosevelt and Churchill
Astronaut on Moon
To the Heros of Desert Storm - Eagle
Marines Rasing Flag on Mt. Suribachi
Count Basie
Saturn with Voyager 2
15th Anniversary of RMI Constitution
Various Minerals
U. S. Liberates Marshall Islands
Freedom of Worship
Circus Elephant
Woman Kneading Breadfruit Dough
China Folk Houses / View of Village
Morris Island Lighthous
Firemen Raising American Flag
Macarther Evacuated from Corregidor
Freddie Stowers
Montage of U. S. Space Vehicles
James "Jimmy" Doolittle