Wednesday, August 3, 2016

China 2016 - Longxing Temple at Zhengding


ISSUE DATE: 26 June 2016
THEME: Longxing Temple at Zhengding
STAMP SIZE: 44 x 33 mm

Located in Zhengding County, north China's Hebei Province, Longxing Temple was built in the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD), and is named for Longzang Temple that was expanded in the Northern Song or Earlier Song Dynasty (960 -1127 AD). Also enlarged and renovated in the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the temple retained the layout from the Northern Song Dynasty. The present 10 halls were scattered randomly along a north-south axis. It includes a bronze figure of a 42-armed Goddess of Mercy in the main hall of the Great Mercy Pavilion, a masterpiece of cast copper art in ancient times. The temple also contained more than 20 ancient inscriptions, among which the Longzang Temple Tablet from the Sui Dynasty was an important source for ancient calligraphy study.

Longxing Temple was listed among the initial national priority cultural relic protection sites in 1961.

Longxing Temple

Stamp images and description thanks to China Post

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