Friday, August 19, 2016

Aland Islands 2016 - SEPAC - Seasons

COUNTRY: Åland Islands
ISSUE DATE: 12 August 2016
THEME: SEPAC - Seasons
STAMP SIZE: 35 x 35 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Annika Zetterqvist

The Åland climate is particularly favourable for cultivating apples. Influenced by the surrounding sea, it has a relatively mild winter and a rather late spring, which minimises the risk of frost damage during flowering. The apple trees are at their most beautiful in May and June. Summers are usually sunny and followed by long and warm autumns, so harvesting normally starts around mid-August, lasting until the end of October. In recent years, apples as a garden produce have significantly increased its share of the total Åland farming produce. In 2014, apples for 4.8 million euros were sold, the bulk of which was exported to Finland. 

Graphic designer Annika Zetterqvist's idea behind the 2016 motif may be summarised by the words "germinate, blossom, ripen and enjoy", four words that appear in both the first day cancel, on the stamp sheet and on the first day cover. Dawning on Annika as her work progressed, the words symbolise the seasons of both nature and life.

Stamp images thanks to Åland Post

Åland Post