Monday, August 1, 2016

Poland 2016 - Army of Anders - Trail of Hope

ISSUE DATE: 21 July 2016
 STAMP SIZE: 39.5 x 31.25 mm
THEME: Army of Anders - Trail of Hope
STAMP DESIGN: Maciej Jędrysik


Noted historian Norman Davies has published a book about the fate of Poles deported to the Soviet Union during WWII and the formation of an army from their ranks after the tide turned against Stalin.

"Trail of Hope" follows the odyssey of the deportees, including women and children, who were typically transported in cargo trains to destinations such as Siberia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, after the Red Army occupied eastern Poland in September 1939, while the Nazis grabbed the west and central Poland.

“Most of the existing literature concentrates on two episodes – either on the martyrology of Poles deported to the USSR in 1940-1941, or on the culminating Battle of Monte Cassino in May 1944,” Davies reflects in the introduction.

Stamp images thanks to Poczta Polska

Correo Argentino