Monday, August 1, 2016

Canada 2016 - Birds of Canada

ISSUE DATE: 12 July 2016
STAMP SIZE: 20 x 24 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Kosta Tsetsekas & John Belisle (Signals)

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of the official birds of five Canadian provinces and territories with this attractive Souvenir Sheet.

The five featured birds are the Rock Ptarmigan (Nunavut), the Great Horned Owl (Alberta), the Atlantic Puffin (Newfoundland and Labrador), the Sharp-tailed Grouse (Saskatchewan) and the Common Raven (Yukon). Part of each bird’s wings and/or body extends beyond the border of each stamp, creating a sense of movement.

Each stamp includes the Latin name of the featured bird and the postal abbreviation of its province or territory. The Latin, English and French names are listed in the lower left corner of the Souvenir Sheet. Also included is the Inuktut name for rock ptarmigan, aqiggiq, in honour of the bird’s important role in the life of Nunavut’s indigenous people.

Set of 5 Postage-paid Postcards

Booklet of 10 PermanentTM Stamps

Souvenir Sheet of 5 stamps

Birds of Canada: Souvenir Sheet Official First Day Cover
SIZE: 191 x 113 mm

Stamp images and description thanks to Canada Post