Sunday, September 4, 2016

Brazil 2016 - Paranagua-Curitiba Railway

ISSUE DATE: 26 July 2016
CIRCULATION:180 000 (each stamp)
STAMP SIZE:40 x 30 mm

The Paranaguá-Curitiba railway, inaugurated on 2nd February 1885, passes through the beautiful landscape of the Serra do Mar mountains in Paraná, an area where a significant remnant of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica forest is preserved. This daring project remains a reference in engineering: it covers 110 km, contains thirteen tunnels excavated through rock, thirty bridges and thirty-eight viaducts, constructed amid the mountains by courageous workers.

It is also important to note the contribution of this railway to economic and social development in the then province of Paraná. Goods that previously had to be transported between the coast and the plains and other areas of the Province along trails by porters or animals could now be transported by rail. Even today, freight trains with dozens of wagons move thousands of tons of cereal and other products for exportation.

As for tourism, passenger trains currently depart from the Curitiba Train Station, heading to the city of Morretes. During a three-hour journey, tourists can delight in the exuberance of the Serra do Mar mountains. As well as the images chosen for the stamps, the following points of interest on the journey between Curitiba and Morretes stand out:
• Roça Nova Tunnel: The longest tunnel on the railway, 457m, at an altitude of 955 meters;
• Véu da Noiva Waterfall: this beautiful waterfall on the Ipiranga river was named for its similarity to a bride’s veil and can easily be seen from the train carriages;
• Nossa Senhora do Cadeado Sanctuary: from this part of the railway, there is a beautiful view of the Maciço do Marumbi. Inaugurated in February 1965, the chapel was constructed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the railway.
• São João Bridge: the most important bridge on this railway, extending over 100m at a height of 55 meters above the São João river. It crosses the valley between the Taquaral and Cadeado hills. It was inaugurated in 1884 and is considered part of the cultural heritage of Paraná;
• Carvalho Viaduct: the railway’s picture postcard view, approximately 84m in length built on masonry pillars set into the hillside itself. The passenger has the sensation of floating in space;
• Conjunto Marumbi mountains: located in the Marumbi State Park, access to which is only possible on foot or by rail and which holds many other riches of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica forest. Close to the Estação Marumbi, there are trails that marumbinistas - those wanting to scale the Marumbi Peak, can follow.

In this stamp issue, the Brazilian Post, in partnership with Paraná Turismo, highlight this important tourist attraction in the state of Paraná, as well as celebrates a little of Brazil’s railway history and engineering and revealing the full exuberance of the Atlântica forest. 


Stamp images and description thanks to Correios

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