Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Caledonia 2016 - Telescope Dobson 600

ISSUE DATE: 8 August 2016
STAMP SIZE:29.8 x 40.6 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Claude Andréotto

To mark the “Nuits de Etoiles” national and international stargazing event which takes place every year in early August, OPT-NC proudly presents this new 450 XPF stamp issue, produced in partnership with the New Caledonian Association for Astronomy (ACA).

Designed by Claude Andreotto, the stamp illustrates the most powerful telescope in New Caledonia, the Dobson 600, recently built by the members of the ACA; it also shows the stars of the famous Southern Cross, the best known constellation in the southern hemisphere. The luminous beauty of the stars has been highlighted by using glow-in-the-dark printing technology: the stars on both the single stamps and stamp sheets light up in the dark!

The 26th “Nuits des Etoiles” event will be held on 5, 6 and 7 August. Sky-watching fans in New Caledonia, all over France and in various countries in Europe and Africa are invited to join fellow stargazers in contemplation of the seasonal constellations and visible planets (this year, these include Jupiter, Mars and Saturn), or to watch out for eagerly awaited shooting stars.

Construction of the impressive Dobson 600 telescope was made possible by the skills and knowledge of ACA member Serge Vieillard, key funding provided by the ACA itself, and additional funding from the Government and the SLN “Nickels de l’Initiative” program. New Caledonians are cordially invited to attend the public sky-watching evening organised by the ACA on Saturday 6 August 2016 in the grounds of Ouatom airfield at La Foa, where astronomy neophytes, fans and aficionados will have a unique opportunity to explore and revel in the breathtaking beauty and clarity of New Caledonia's night sky.

Stamp images and description thanks to Calédoscope - OPT Nouvelle-Calédonie

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