Sunday, October 9, 2016

Austria 2016 - Austrian Design - Lentia Chair

ISSUE DATE: 16 September 2016
STAMP DESIGN:Robert Sabolovic

Design is not a luxury. Design is an elementary component of every product and makes a decisive contribution to its success by motivating people to buy it and making use of the product pleasurable. It has a significant influence on the success of innovations which are released onto the market. Design is not just about novelty and external appearance. It is about creating new product values and how items are used, produced and communicated to the public. It is important to recognise that design is thus the decisive driving force in innovation. It is a fundamental component of product development and production and has to bring value, quality and sense to our way of life; as such it shapes the world in which we live. designaustria, a knowledge centre and interest organisation, is Austria’s premier contact point for design. Founded in1927, designaustria is Europe’s third oldest design organisation, with a focus on representing Austrian designers, raising awareness of design and promoting dialogue between designers, the public, the economy and politics. designaustria strengthens awareness of design and makes clear the benefits of design to society and the economy through a range of activities. www.designaustria.at LENTIA Less a chair indulging in an eccentric lifestyle than a product dedicated to the lightness of being. LENTIA stands on solid wooden legs, whilst both the form and the weight of the laminated wooden seat and back are contrastingly light. In LENTIA, traditions of classic chair design and contemporary design melt and embrace each – which is why the stackable LENTIA was selected for the Austrian National Design Award 2013. 

Tischlerei Pühringer The Pühringer carpentry workshop is a family business from the Mühlviertel which was founded in 1981. Klaus Pühringer is an enthusiastic master carpenter and runs his company with its 19 staff with enthusiasm and passion. It is the daily interaction with the working material wood, the understanding of design and collaboration with renowned but young designers that characterise the day-to-day work in the carpentry workshop and make the company so successful. Klaus Pühringer and his team know what they are doing – and are doing what they know. That is their recipe for success, and it will continue to set the tone for the company in the future. www.puehringer.at MARCH GUT Christoph March (*1983) and Marek Gut (*1978) both studied industrial design at Linz. University of Art and Design. In 2010 they established the design studio MARCH GUT with its registered office in Linz. The two designers pursue an interdisciplinary and integrative approach based on close consultation with the customer and focused on the project and its users. Analytical in its methodology and keen to seek out new avenues, the studio’s work is consistently function-oriented. MARCH GUT marries new technologies with a commitment to sustainability and resource conservation in its work. The ensuing insights and experience give rise to new developments of high aesthetic appeal in terms of both form and colour. Both designers prefer to work with natural materials and constantly strive to extend their limits. MARCH GUT is active in the fields of product and furniture design, and the creation and curation of exhibition facilities and interiors, including the Austria pavilion at the Milan Furniture Fair 2014, the Designsalon Linz 2014 and 2015, and the Salzburg Regional Exhibition 2016. www.marchgut.com


Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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