Friday, October 21, 2016

Portugal 2016 - Launch of the Banco CTT

ISSUE DATE: 21 September 2016
STAMP THEME: Lançamento do Banco CTT
SIZE:95 x 125  mm
STAMP DESIGN: Vasco Martins

The origins of the CTT logo go back a long way – to 1520, in fact, when Portugal had a monarchy and journeys were made on foot, on horseback or by carriage. The mail service, which was initially dictated by the needs of its users – the crown, the nobility and merchants – had limited scope, as couriers had to be prepared to face all sorts of eventualities, especially bad weather and the poor quality of the roads, and within the country they had to transport letters on foot or on horseback. The image of the rider on his horse, blowing his trumpet to announce the arrival of the post, stems from this time. This symbol has been ubiquitous throughout Portugal for several centuries, thus maintaining a strong connection with the CTT’s historical legacy. The graphic depiction of the messenger and his horse have been given a certain dynamism over time; today they appear to the galloping at speed, bound for the future.

These 500 years of history have made the CTT one of Portugal’s most iconic brands. On top of its physical presence throughout the country, with the largest network of points of contact of any rm, it also has a remarkable emotional resonance, eliciting feelings of trust and familiarity – something that the CTT has fostered across the entire population. Its customer focus and commitment, not to mention its excellent service, are its intrinsic corporate values, and the Portuguese demonstrate their trust in the CTT by saving their money with the company. The CTT’s legacy, experience in nancial services and the clear opportunity within the market are the foundation upon which the Banco CTT was launched.
On 18 March 2016 the CTT marked another major milestone in its history: the founding of the Banco CTT. This bank was created in order to further enhance the privileged relationship that the CTT already enjoys with the Portuguese people, who appreciate its reliability and the excellence of its products, together with its high-quality service and care in managing everyday nance. Banco CTT’s whole approach is based around its commitment to simplicity, transparency, proximity and e ciency. It aims to continue to be an abiding feature of Portuguese life, o ering the country’s people a range of simple and competitive products and nancial services that meet customers’ needs.

Author: Francisco de LacerdaChairman and CEO, CTT Correios de Portugal        

Stamp images thanks to CTT Correios de Portugal

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