Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kyrgzystan 2016 - World Nomad Games

COUNTRY: Kyrgyzstan
ISSUE DATE: 8 August 2016
THEME: World Nomad Games
CIRCULATION: 7 200 (each stamp)
STAMP SIZE: 46 х 27.5 mm
SHEET SIZE: 162 х 108 mm
STAMP DESIGN:Vitaliu Pogolsa

This is the second time for Kyrgyzstan to receive sportsmen, actors, artists and public figures from all over the world by the Issyk Kul lakeside. The main mission of the World Nomad Games is the preservation and popularisation of peoples’ cultures, through revival and development of the national and traditional sports. 

The KEP postage miniatures depict some essential sports and entertaining moments, typical for the nomad games: mounted archery (Jaa Atuu), equestrian wrestling (Er Enish), and the “burning horseman” (Oert Jalymdagan Chabandes).

Mounted Archery (Jaa Atuu)

Equestrian Wrestling (Er Enish) The rules allow dangerous holds, such as holding the flanks, arm muscles and joints. The horse's skill is as important as the rider's in this kind of wrestling. Horses need to be heavy, strong and biddable.

Athletic and Entertaining Performance “Burning Horseman” (Oert Jalymdagan Chabandes) which is riding a horse and you are on fire. Literally.



Stamp images and description thanks to Kyrgyz Express Post