Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Russia 2016 - Russian Arctic National Park

ISSUE DATE: 30 August 2016
STAMP SIZE: 65 x 32.5 mm
STAMPS DESIGN: O. Shushlebina

Russian Arctic National Park is the northernmost specially protected natural land area of Russia. The park is situated on two polar archipelagoes. The unique geographical location of the park defines a number of its features and the wide variety of creatures.

All the year round bowhead whale dwell in the sea near the islands, herds of narwhals, rare species of sea-unicorns, come inshore.

In the spring time polar bears come into the world there and begin their life journey in the ice.

The main tasks of the national park is to preserve ecosystems and nature-made objects, to protect rare species of animals and plants, to conduct scientific researches and to provide education.

Russian Arctic National Park is of great interest for the development of ecological and cultural tourism. The souvenir sheet depicts a polar bear, an emblematic panorama and Russian Arctic National Park logo.


Stamp images thanks to Russian Post

Russian Post