Saturday, October 29, 2016

Czech Republic 2016 - Tree Frog

COUNTRY: Czech Republic
ISSUE DATE: 7 September 2016
STAMP SIZE: 19 x 23 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Libuše and Jaromír Knotek

Tree frogs (Hyla arborea) are small frogs and the sole representative of the Hylidae family in the Czech Republic. Apart from the Czech Republic, they inhabit almost the whole of Europe: Ukraine, Belarus, the Balkans, Crete, Italy, Benelux, Slovakia, Poland, the greater part of Germany, most of France and the Netherlands, north-western part of the Iberian Peninsula. In the Czech Republic, they live mostly in the lowlands up to 750 metres above sea level. They prefer moist deciduous forests where they climb to the upper floors of trees. The tree frog was also appointed as the 2016 amphibian.


Stamp images and description thanks to Česká pošta