Monday, November 28, 2016

San Marino 2016 - Artificial Intelligence

ISSUE DATE: 18 October 2016
STAMP SIZE:35 x 35 mm
CIRCULATION: 30 000 sets
STAMP DESIGN: Carlotta Brandi, Martina Raggi,
Claudia Saponi, Agnese Zampieri

Four ex-students of the University of Design of San Marino represented four specific themes related to artificial intelligence.

Carlotta Brandi illustrates the age of startups.

Stamp by Martina Raggi shows the capacity of imitation.

Claudia Saponi’s €1.20 value depicts the secrets of the brain.

Agnese Zampieri deals with mass intelligence in the €1.60 stamp.

Stamp images and description thanks to San Marino Post

San Marino Post