Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Australia 2016 - Christmas

ISSUE DATE: 31 October 2016
STAMP SIZE:26 x 37.5 mm
STAMP DESIGN: religious stamps - Stuart McLachlan
secular stamps - Stacey Zass

This year’s religious stamps depict three episodes from the familiar biblical story of the birth of Christ. 

Mary tenderly cradling her newborn son.

A trumpeting angel announcing the glad tidings of the birth.

Three wise men sent by King Herod to investigate the birth of the Saviour.

In the biblical Christmas story, the three wise men, or Magi, arrived in Jerusalem from the east, with news that the King of the Jews, or Messiah, had been born. Alarmed, King Herod ordered the wise men to embark on a journey to find the child. They followed a guiding star to Bethlehem, where they found the infant in a stable with Mary, his mother.

The wise men were overwhelmed with reverence and awe. They knelt before the baby Jesus, offering precious gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, before returning to their own countries.

The religious stamp designs have been created using the intricate art of hand paper-cut. Two other stamps, have been designed to reflect more secular celebration, and the universal values of joy and goodwill.

A highlight of this stamp issue is a pack presenting two embellished sheetlets of 10 stamps. The embellished sheetlets are of the "goodwill" and "joy" stamp designs.



Stamp images and description thanks to Australia Post

Australia Post