Monday, November 21, 2016

Finland 2016 - Art Post II

ISSUE DATE: 9 September 2016
 ARTWORK: Eeva-Riitta Eerola & Ville Andersson

Posti will highlight Finnish contemporary art in a set of four 1st class stamps. The Art Post II miniature sheet is an extension of the fall 2015 set of stamps. The artists featured on the stamps are Ville Andersson and Eeva-Riitta Eerola.
”The stamps were inspired by Nick Cave’s ballad Love letter. The sensitive, hopeful atmosphere of the song shows how much emotion a letter can contain. With the stamps, I want to urge everybody to continue this beautiful tradition: writing letters to each other”, Andersson says.

”In painting, I am fascinated by the way in which a painting allows you to experience things and evokes many simultaneous interpretations. I hope that these stamps will increase people’s interest in contemporary art and more broadly in our visual culture”, Eerola says.

Stamp images and description thanks to Posti