Friday, November 25, 2016

French Polynesia 2016 - Fleur de Prunier

ISSUE DATE: 21 October 2016
STAMP SIZE:40 x 52 mm

Spearheading the revolution of Asian dragons, Taiwan is associated in the collective imagination with its chips, or audiovisual and computer art. 

Yet this island also offers a different face, wilder where nature is still intact. Portuguese sailors, who discovered that China Sea Island in 1590, have dubbed it “the island of Formosa” (“Formosa”, meaning “beautiful").

From October 21th to 26th 2016, Taipei, cosmopolitan and modern capital of the island hosts the International Philatelic exhibition PHILATAIPEI in the convention center of Tower 101, symbolizing Taiwan abroad, and among the highest skyscrapers in the world. The Post office of French Polynesia is participating to this event and issues a stamp especially for the occasion.

In this stamp, the plum blossom (emblem of Taiwan) has been chosen. A vahine's floral quest allows her to visit Taipei, including the “Liberty square”, three input bridges are overcome by “Paifangs”, typical arches of Chinese architecture.

This vahine teleported in Taiwan, it is also a nod to the FIFO (Pacific international documentary film festival) that prevailed in 2007 a movie called “Made in Taiwan”. The documentary showed that the Polynesians are close or maybe even linked to the aborigines tribes of the island, which settled on the pacific coast and in the mountains. The surprise was big because it is clear that their faces, their dances, their songs, their language, their attitudes, have a link with wider Polynesia in the broad sense.

Stamp images and description thanks to OPT French Polynesia

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