Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guernsey 2016 - Stories from The Great War Part 3

ISSUE DATE: 11 November 2016
STAMP THEME: Stories from The Great War Part 3
STAMP SIZE: 40.64 x 36.85 mm
DESIGN: Charlotte Barnes

This third issue of stamps commemorating the First World War, explores the part played by the Guernsey men and boys who were engaged in the war at sea. 

As with the previous issues, the research has revealed that their presence was far flung, honourable and that many of them made the ultimate sacrifice.

The name "Bluejackets" was given to the sailors in the Royal Navy and we have chosen six of them to represent the Bailiwick's contribution. Individually, these men featured at almost every major sea battle and turning point in the five-year conflict. Collectively, their stories give a strong account of the Royal Navy in the Great War.

The WW1 British navy signal flags under the Royal Cipher spell out 'valour', which these six Guernseymen showed.

43p - Able Seaman James Gale
57p - Stoker 1st Class George Arthur Hicks
58p - Sailors T Gibson & H Broadbent (HM Submarine)
64p - Able Seaman Wilfred Cochrane
70p - First Class Petty Officer Harold de Putron Taylor
78p - Able Seaman John Helman


Stamp images and description thanks to Guernsey Post
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