Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jersey Post 2016 - Jersey Seasons - Winter

ISSUE DATE: 4 November 2016
STAMP SIZE:30.45 x 42 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Andy Le Gresley

Often associated with sunshine and beach holidays, Islanders and visitors continue to enjoy Jersey's great outdoors during the winter months which are the mildest in the British Isles. Day time temperatures often remain around 9*C and so when snow settles on the island, which it does only occasionally, the beautiful countryside, coastal paths and villages are transformed into a winter wonderland. However, being an island which boasts a coastline varied with cliffs, rocky bays and long sandy beaches, the high winds and high tides of winter produce dramatic scenes at the island's lighthouses and historic fortifications, observed and photographed as much as they are on a tranquil summer's day.


Stamp images and description thanks to Jersey Post

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