Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Switzerland 2016 - Pro Juventute

ISSUE DATE: 10 November 2016
STAMP SIZE: 33 x 28 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Christian Kitzmüller

Two motifs instead of three in future. Changes to the Swiss Postal Act mean that it is now possible for social and cultural organizations other than Pro Juventute and Pro Patria to submit an application for a special stamp with a surcharge. 


To keep the number of such surcharge stamps issued each year within manageable limits, especially for subscribers and collectors, after consulting the two foundations, Swiss Post has reduced the number of stamps to two per year for each foundation.


A dialogue with childhood. “A child is a book from which we read, and in which we should write”, said Austrian writer Peter Rosegger (1843–1918)…
Pro Juventute is launching a new series of stamps on the theme of schooldays with a pair of motifs: Learning and playing, or blackboard and playground, that is to say Pythagoras and hopscotch. The two poles of our schooldays, the two areas in which we gather a multitude of experiences that will shape our subsequent lives. Acquiring knowledge and having fun: both were crucial for our development. Think back to your own childhood. 

What memories remain unforgettable? How did you fare back then? And how did your colleagues get on? Sure, not everyone had the same opportunities, just like today. And that’s exactly the problem that Pro Juventute is seeking to address – by creating equal opportunities for our young people. The money raised from these annual stamp issues therefore all flows into support projects working in this area. You can help too. After all, the festive season is the ideal time for a humanitarian gesture.


Stamp images and description thanks to Swiss Post