Monday, November 28, 2016

Switzerland 2016 - Joint Issue Switzerland - Dominican Republic

ISSUE DATE: 10 November 2016
STAMP SIZE: 40 x 32.5 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Brigit Herrmann

The first Swiss families settled in the Dominican Republic in the 19th century. Official bilateral relations did not begin until 1936, however, when Switzerland appointed Frederic Schaad to be its first Honorary Consul and opened a consulate in Santo Domingo. This was changed to a consulate-general in 1959, then upgraded to an embassy in 2007. For its part, the Dominican Republic opened an embassy in Berne in 1999. 
The two countries have had a very good economic, political and cultural relationship over the course of these 80 years.

CHF 1.00 Lacs de Fenêtre

Although most Swiss people will only be aware of the Dominican Republic as a tropical holiday resort, it has more in common with Switzerland than one might think, both in terms of population (DR: 10 million, CH: 8.5 million) and in terms of area (DR: 48 000 km², CH: 41,000 km²) the two countries are fairly similar. They also share some similarities when it comes to nature. For instance – and it probably comes as a surprise to many – there are wonderful mountain ranges in the island’s interior.

CHF 1.00 Playa Bavaro

To commemorate this major anniversary of relations between the two countries, a joint issue will focus on these commonalities. The linking element of the stamps is therefore the landscapes: water on the two Swiss stamps and mountains on the two Dominican ones.

author: Muriel Fischer, Swiss Embassy in Santo Domingo

Dominican stamp sheet designed by Alejandro Vignieri.

Swiss stamp sheet designed by Brigit Herrmann.


Stamp images and description thanks to Swiss Post