Thursday, December 22, 2016

Argentina 2016 - Christmas

ISSUE DATE: December 2016
ARTWORK: Norah Borges

Leonor Fanny Borges Acevedo (1901–1998), better known by the pseudonym Norah Borges, was a visual artist and art critic, member of the Florida group, and sister of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges.

"Ángeles" by Norah Borges.

In the Second World War, she became a vocal supporter of la Junta de la Victoria, an association of anti-fascist feminists in Argentina directed by Cora Ratto de Sadosky and Ana Rosa Schlieper de Martínez Guerrero. Also included in the group were the writer María Rosa Oliver, the photographer Annemarie Heinrich, the psychoanalyst Mimí Langer, the artist Raquel Forner, and the poet Silvina Ocampo. 
After the war, Norah spent one month with her mother Leo Acevedo in a women’s prison for uttering cries against the president of Argentina Juan Domingo Perón, deepening the aversion that her brother felt for the Argentinian political party Partido Justicialista and its founder Juan Domingo Perón. After her release, Norah illustrated her brother’s book Cuaderno San Martin, as she had done with his earlier works like Luna de enfrente and Fervor de Buenos Aires, and Las invitadas (1961) and Autobiografia de Irene (1962) by Silvina Ocampo. Norah wrote as an art critic for Anales de Buenos Aires under the pseudonym Manuel Pinedo. 

She worked as a journalist and painter until her death in 1998, but she gave away much of her work and did not care for regular art exhibitions.

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