Saturday, December 3, 2016

Italy 2016 - Atleta di Fano

ISSUE DATE: 25 November 2016
STAMP SIZE: 36 x 44 mm
 STAMP THEME: Atleta di Fano
 STAMP DESIGN: Anna Maria Maresca

The story of the statue Victorious Youth, referred to in Italian sources as the Atleta di Fano, begins with its discovery in 1964 off the northern Adriatic coast of Italy where it was fished from the sea by the Italian crew of the fishing trawler, Ferrucio Ferri who plied their trade out of Italy. Hauled aboard in the fisherman's nets and later hoisted from the boat onto Italian soil when the ship docked in Fano, the statue has changed hands and countries multiple times.  Its journey has been filled with fishermen, traffickers, shady middlemen and even a priest, making its journey from port harbor to one of the United State’s most prestigious museums - J. Paul Getty Museum, Pacific Palisades, California. It was purchased by the J. Paul Getty Museum under less than transparent circumstances in 1977 for $3.95 million. 

The Getty Museum is involved in a controversy regarding proper title to some of the artwork in its collection. The Museum's previous curator of antiquities, Marion True, was indicted in Italy in 2005 along with Robert E. Hecht on criminal charges relating to trafficking in stolen antiquities.

Stamp images thanks to Poste Italiane