Thursday, December 15, 2016

Brazil 2016 - Sustainable Mobility

ISSUE DATE: 22 September 2016
CIRCULATION:240 000 (each)
STAMP SIZE:21 x 41.5 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Adriana Shibata

This issue is made up of two stamps, in the form of Se-tenant, highlighting urban scenes in which the means of locomotion and the various options of mobility-car, bicycle and subwayare harmoniously and adhering to the requirements of comfort, safety and sustainability. 

The first stamp highlights the VLT, representing the collective transport on rails, and other forms of locomotion as the skateboard and the bus, in the process allowing easy wheelchair access for people with motor difficulties. 

The second stamp, displayed the respect for people, where cars and cyclists stop at the crosswalk, in scenario that points to the possibility of using the subway. In the background, people are on the way with developed marked facility, with plates and tactile floors.


Stamp images and description thanks to Correios

Brazil Post